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Recent blog posts

A Military of Infancy: Does Liberia Really Have An Army? – Part I

Posted by on in Liberia

Honoring Major General Suraj Alao Abdurrahman

History has taught us never to forget about our fallen heroes and heroines whose compassionate contribution to mankind is incredibly distinct. Whenever we fail to pay courtesy to deserving statesmen and outstanding global actors who are worthy of public admiration, we pierce our own consciences with sharp instruments of ingratitude and immodesty. We become no different from a vicious ingrate who lives in pretense and pomposity. This is when we practically define who a coward is. In this frame of obscurity, our action proves worthless as a result of our madcap opinion and premature perception. Our minds only become revived and redeemed when we recollect our memories to salute great history-makers and pacesetters whose illuminating shadows and indelible imprints are inherent within every sphere of human existence.

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Posted by on in Uncategorized
It's a reminder that an end has come to play, it touches hard on the feelings which some never recover from. i fight it though but nevertheless it simply blow a wind of change which pose uneasy to accept because change is sometimes an enemy humans don't want around. it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdays, as a result of death, relocation, breakups. just as WELCOME is equal in numbers of alphabets and different in meaning so is GOODBYE. i'm sorry i said it but just as i've said a wind of change has blown, therefore it's goodbye i live on.
Tagged in: love mind relationship
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What's on your mind?

Posted by on in Uncategorized

This is the question you answer every time you log on to the social media and leave a status update. Why are they interested in what's in your mind kind of business?

It's because your mind is never empty. However you feel at any point in time is a reflection of your state of mind. We always want to let out what's on our minds and we just can't bottle things for long. The mind has a very strong influence on our identities. The mind is the battlefield of life. If you will win or lose, it starts with your mind. 

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The power of focus

Posted by on in Motivation/Inspiration

b2ap3_thumbnail_stevejobs.jpgHow can you stand out from the crowd amidst the stiff competition in the world today? Have you identified what you are good at and ready to share it with the world? Don't start with the most complex things instead start by breaking it down to the simplest and get those simple steps done. The problem with most of us is that we get stuck trying to start with the complex part of the project or even trying too many things at the same time. To achieve anything in life you need to stay focused on every endeavour, overcome the challenges and then tell the world your success story. Nothing good comes easy in this life and there are no genuine shortcuts to success.

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Fear of success

Posted by on in Motivation/Inspiration

You should be familiar with the fear of failure especially if you have attempted something before and it failed. You are simply afraid to fail again. How can anyone then fear success? Fear of success is similar to fear of failure. They have many of the same symptoms, and both fears hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals. It all starts with FEAR-False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear of failure stops you from starting a venture the second time while fear of success simply makes you quit the venture you have started working so hard on. You suddenly start to feel that others are better than you when it comes to being in the spotlight. A lot of times, we are too stubborn to admit that we are afraid of success or of what success will bring us.b2ap3_thumbnail_Nelson-Mandela-Fear-Quotes2.jpg

  • You simply don’t complete any project you have started.
  • You talk about what you are going to do more than what you actually do.
  • You work angrily on several projects at once, not really focusing deeply on any one of them.
  • You don’t think your work is ever quite good enough
  • You’re on the verge of ‘success’ and things start going really wrong.
  • You don’t celebrate your accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries because you feel they are highly unnecessary attention to yourself. 


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Why people have more relationship issues than money problems

Posted by on in Relationships

b2ap3_thumbnail_improve-your-relationships.jpgPeople now find it easy to share relationship problems on blogs and to solicit advise from general public. They say things like "Should I marry this guy?", "Should I tell him or not?", "I have no love for my husband", "I still love my ex-boyfriend though I am married".

Human beings are social by nature and no man is an island. We want to fall in love and live happily ever after but there seem to be so many complications in life. I agree that there may be many issues in a complex world like ours but at the same time many have lost the purpose of marriage and companionship. Why do you have a relationship? A woman whose husband treats her well and the family have no financial struggles is complaining of having no love for her husband anymore after four kids.

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Can I abort my pregnancy if I am raped?

Posted by on in Spiritual


Rape is a serious crime both in the Bible and in the society today. What if the rape results in a pregnancy? Should the woman bear the child or have the right to terminate it? I am a man and I have heard of women raping men though I have not experienced it and I also know it is a traumatic experience that the victim of rape may find hard to erase from memory. Most times the victim finds it hard to forgive the criminal especially if she was an unmarried virgin who had sworn never to defile herself with any man. Only her husband could have this privilege. It is really painful.

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Tagged in: abort God grace healing rape
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